New Renegade Site Coming in July!

Renegade is excited to announce that we will be premiering a brand new website this July in conjunction with a whole slew of projects.

Read more about our upcoming film, The Unwelcome here, "Hannover House Pacts With Renegade Motion Pictures on The Unwelcome"


Framing the Illusions is a book that evolved from a few years of social media observations. Steven Rumbelow was dismayed while watching both new and experienced filmmakers fall victim to scams and false hopes. These scams are brought about by those who prey on the dreams of writers, directors and producers who are desperately trying to get their works produced in this very uncertain landscape of indie film following the crash.

He decided to write a kind of instruction book for navigating a way through the minefield of development. It covers all the processes of development, how to proceed and what is expected through each phase, from script to casting and distribution to financing, including how to identify scams.

The book is specifically targeted to the emerging filmmaker, the guerrilla filmmaker and the low-budget filmmaker. It is dedicated to those who are trying to keep the low-budget indie film market alive.

Rumbelow very much wanted it to be available to people who are struggling with limited resources and therefore set the price at under three bucks. There are no pitches for seminars or workshop promotions here, just straight info.

New alliance - Equinoxe and Renegade

We're pleased to announce an agreement between Renegade and Equinoxe Films for the production of a three-picture slate on the productions of “Over the Edge”, “Cafe X” and “Where Horses Die”.

Renegade’s Steven Rumbelow and Equinoxe’s Michael Mosca will co-produce the films together with Steven Rumbelow directing all three. Discussions have been ongoing with compelling actors who are being positioned for the slate.

This is the first announcement of three alliances Renegade has been negotiating over the last year. Stay posted for more news soon.


The 3-Picture Slate - 2011/12


  OVER THE EDGE is a supernatural crime thriller loosely based on Macbeth and written by Steven Rumbelow. OTE was born out of brainstorming sessions between David Carradine and Rumbelow.



CAFE X is an unusual and unpredictable story of a shape-shifting vampire and his strange encounters with humanity.
Written by Steven Rumbelow and developed originally under the supervision of partner in Renegade, Producer Frank Capra Jr.



  WHERE HORSES DIE is a new western designed to meld the best of American and Italian Western traditions. Rumbelow says his goal here is to create a “Burger Bolognaise Western”. Furio and Giacomo Scarpelli worked on the outline for the story with the script being written by Giacomo Scarpelli and Marco Tiberi. Furio wrote the Classic Leone screenplay “The Good the Bad and the Ugly”. The film currently has four academy award-winning talents ready to help lift this dream off the page.




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