Covenant (2013)
Written and directed by Steven Rumbelow
Starring: Philiph Shepherd, Alannah Myles and Paul Tedeschini.

COVENANT is a supernatural thriller based loosely on the legend of DR. FAUSTUS. It’s warnings of the vanity of knowledge and the dangers of over ambition are as true today in North America as they were in 15th Century Europe. The telling of this story redefines in a sensitive way the issuse related to ambition and the price of knowledge.

The film was shot over two years in order to capture all four seasons and two New Years Eves in Toronto. It is a very different version of the Faustian legend starring Philip Shepherd, Paul Tedeschini and Alannah Myles of “Black Velvet” fame. Writer/Director Steven Rumbelow is no stranger to the Faustus legend. He directed astage production in London that was hugely successful and became Britain’s longest touring stage show, touring the world from 1970 until 1996. During the tour Rumbelow produced and directed his award-winning film production of DR. FAUSTUS. The stage show was revived for more recent runs in Belfast and in North America where it played in Chicago and Toronto successfully with Philip Shepherd in the title role. After the tour was over Rumbelow decided to write a modern film version which became COVENANT.