Framing the Illusions

Framing the Illusions is a book that evolved from a few years of social media observations. Steven Rumbelow was dismayed while watching both new and experienced filmmakers fall victim to scams and false hopes. He decided to write a kind of instruction book for navigating a way through the minefield of development.

The book covers all processes of development, how to proceed and what is expected through each phase, from script to casting and distribution to financing. Included is vitally important information about how to identify scams. The target reader is the emerging filmmaker, the guerrilla filmmaker and the low-budget filmmaker. It is dedicated to those who are trying to keep the low-budget indie film market alive.

Rumbelow very much wanted it to be available to people who are struggling with limited resources and therefore set the price at under three bucks. There are no pitches for seminars or workshop promotions here, just straight info.

Framing the Illusions, is available on Amazon here.


Steven Rumbelow liked to feed back the benefits of his experience where possible and had run workshop programs for actors, writers and directors both institutionally and privately. He ran programs for both Equity (in Canada and UK) and ACTRA as well as for Grotowski's Theatre Laboratorium and at Univeristies in UK, Italy, Poland, Canada and USA. He enjoyed working with groups and individuals face to face as well as more recently in video conferences or on Skype. Universities he ran programs include: York University, UK; York University, Toronto; University of Toronto; Northwestern; Exeter University; NYU; Dartington; King's College and University of Wales. There is an archive facility regarding Steven's work at the University of Leeds.